Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies

Training Programme 2022- 2023

For an overview of the training programme for this academic year, please see our Time and EC Schedule here.

Below you can find an overview of the courses offered in 2022-2023, including the course descriptions (by date).

The NISIS Workshop day on ‘Muslim Minorities’ will take place on Friday 7 October, 2022 at the library of the University of Amsterdam (UB). Please click here for more details about the event and the registration form.

The Autumn School ‘Coercion, slavery, and relations of dependency in the Islamicate world’ 2022 is a collaboration with the Centre for Dependency and Slavery Studies at Bonn University (BCDSS) and takes place at Bonn University from 2 November till 4 November.

Please click here for the Call for Papers. For registrations, please click here.

In cooperation with Leiden University and the Ministery of Foreign Affairs, NISIS has invited Amr Hamzawy to give a workshop for graduate students on Wednesday December 14th.

Open for registrations soon!

The NISIS Workshop Day ‘Islam and State’ is a collaboration with UCSIA and takes place at the end of April 2023 (date t.b.d.) in Antwerp.

The course description will follow soon.

The NISIS Spring School takes place in Catania in May or June 2023 (date t.b.c.).
The course description will follow soon.

More information about the Spring School Writing Clinic will follow soon.

The course “Advanced Readings in Arabic” is offered in the first semester of the academic year.

Please click here for the course description.