Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies


12 March 2022
11:00 - 15:00

Registration form NISIS Junior Hike – Saturday March 12th

As the most restrictive corona measures are over, the birds start singing again and the sun finally shows its face, we would like to invite you all on a NISIS Junior Hike! This would give us a wonderful opportunity to come together, meet and mingle, talk about our research or anything else whilst getting some fresh air and exercise.

When? This Saturday, 12 March 2022

At what time? We meet between 11-11u30. The hike will last 3-4 hours approximately.

Where? The hike starts at the railway station of Vught and ends at the railway station of Den Bosch.

From the railway station of Vught, we will together walk a NS route through the nature of the so-called “Vughtse Lunetten” for around 10km and end our hike at the railway station of Den Bosch. We chose this area in Noord-Barabant as it is rather central and allows NISIS members from Belgium as well as the Netherlands to easily reach us.

Are you interested in joining? Then please fill in the form below by Wednesday 6 p.m. You will then receive a confirmation email on Thursday with the route and further details.Please select a valid form.