Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies


Post-doctoral researchers, PhD candidates and research master students whose research focuses on Islam and Muslim societies are invited to apply for NISIS membership.

NISIS membership offers you

  • Automatic qualification for participation in NISIS activities organised in The Netherlands (Islamic Studies Network Day and NISIS Autumn School);
  • Network opportunities.

Criteria for junior membership

NISIS junior membership is available for PhD candidates and research master students doing research on Islam and Muslim societies, provided they satisfy the criteria as set out in the NISIS membership regulations.

PhD candidates should be formally assigned a PhD project at a Dutch university. ‘Aio’s’, ‘oio’s’ or scholarship students (‘bursaal’) qualify as such.

Officially recognised external candidates qualify as well, provided that the supervisor sends a written statement confirming that this external PhD candidate has the expertise to participate in the NISIS training programme and is affiliated to a Dutch university. The costs for their membership are €500 for the duration of their PhD project. Just as PhD candidates with a (paid) position, they can participate in all NISIS activities. NISIS will send the invoice to the institution from which the PhD candidate hopes to acquire his/her PhD degree. This institution will itself either pay the amount itself or balance this with the PhD candidate or with the candidate’s employer (e.g. if he/she works at a university of applied sciences).

PhD candidates, who cannot or do not want to become a member of NISIS are welcome to participate in individual NISIS courses and activities. NISIS members will have priority in case there are too many registrations for an activity. They will pay € 50 for obtaining each EC they obtain. NISIS will send an invoice to the PhD candidate.

Research master students should be enrolled in a Research master programme at a Dutch university. Their master thesis should be related to Islam and Muslim societies.

Criteria for senior membership

NISIS senior membership is available for researchers with a position at a Dutch university, who hold a doctorate and whose research has ground in common with the study of Islam and Muslim societies. NISIS senior membership is also open to independent scholars holding a doctorate, who can provide proof of being scholarly active in the field. Candidate members can apply for membership by sending a request to the programme coordinator. The NISIS examination committee decides on admission.


Candidate members may apply for membership by sending a filled out application form (research master students, PhD candidatessenior research members) to Please mention ‘request for NISIS membership’ in the subject bar and do not forget to mention whether you are a research master student, a PhD candidate, or a post-doctoral researcher. Your completed application will be sent to the NISIS board for consideration.