Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies

NISIS is a national research school for the study of Islam and Muslim societies.

NISIS organises seasonal schools, network days and other educational activities on themes that are fundamental to the study of Islam and Muslim societies.

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In memoriam Harald Motzki

We are deeply saddened by the news of Harald Motzki’s passing earlier this month, on 8 February. Harald was a much-admired member of the Dutch Islamic Studies community, a mentor to many of us, and an esteemed friend. His work on the early history of Islamic law and on hadith criticism has indelibly changed the course of research on the formative period of Islamic intellectual history. We are deeply grateful for his many valuable contributions, for his passionate yet clear-headed dedication to the study of Islam, from which we have all benefitted so much in our own work, in both academic and personal terms; for Harald was a true gentleman scholar who set a shining example not only of ‘ilm but also of adab. NISIS, whose creation owes much to Harald’s support and on whose board he served for several years, laments the loss of a great scholar and a wonderful personality. He will be remembered warmly and gratefully.
On behalf of the NISIS board,
Christian Lange
NISIS director