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Featuring Research

The NISIS ‘Featuring Research’ portal provides an overview of (recent) books and special edition journals in the field of Islam and Muslim societies written by our senior members. Please note that this is not a complete overview. If you are a NISIS member, feel free to contact us at in case you would like to feature your books and/or special edition journals on this portal.

List of books and special edition journals (by date):

Sensory History of the Islamic World (Special Issue)

Editor: Christian Lange
Journal: The Senses & Society, Volume 17, Issue 1
Place, date: Taylor & Francis; online, 2022
Open Access.

Authoritative Landscapes: The Making of Islamic Authority among Muslims in Europe (Special Issue)

Editors: Thijl Sunier and Léon Buskens
Journal: Journal of Muslims in Europe, Volume 11, Issue 1
Place, date: Brill: Leiden, 2022
ISSN: 2211-792X
More information available on Brill.

The Orient in Utrecht: Adriaan Reland (1676-1718), Arabist, Cartographer, Antiquarian and Scholar of Comparative Religion

Editors: Bart Jaski, Christian Lange, Anna Pytlowany, and Henk J. van Rinsum
Series: The History of Oriental Studies, Volume 10
Place, date: Brill: Leiden; Boston, 2021
ISBN: 978-90-04-46216-8
More information available on Brill.

Manhood is not easy: Egyptian Masculinities through the Life of Musician Sayyid Henkish

Author: Karin van Nieuwkerk
Place, date: AUC Press: Cairo; New York, 2019
ISBN: 978-97-74-16889-5
More information.