Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies


Meet the new Junior Council

Unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye to a few of our Junior Council members. We want to thank Aleksi Hämäläinen, Jamilah Sailan and Fitria Sari Yunianti for their hard work and support for NISIS!

Luckily, we can also welcome some new members. As of now, our Junior Council consists of Hayat Ahlili (Utrecht University), Alon Dar (Leiden University) and Arash Ghajarjazi (Utrecht University). Junior members can contact the representatives when they have suggestions for improvement for the NISIS training program. One member of the Council attends the board meetings to communicate the latest suggestions and questions.


Hayat Ahlili
PhD Candidate
Utrecht University

Alon Dar
PhD candidate
Leiden University

Arash Ghajarjazi
PhD candidate
Utrecht University