Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies


9 October 2020

NISIS Chapter Clinic

On Friday 9 October 2020, NISIS is organizing a chapter clinic led by Prof. Gabrielle van den Berg, Prof. Dick Douwes, and Prof. Christian Lange. Together with the other participants, you will discuss a chapter of your master thesis or dissertation, or another dissertation-related paper you are working on. This chapter clinic will give you the opportunity to receive in-depth feedback from senior researchers other than your PhD supervisor(s), as well as from master/PhD peers. The discussion time for each chapter/paper will be 45 minutes. The chapter clinic will take place in Leiden or The Hague (location t.b.a.) from approximately 10.00 to 16.00 hours.[1] Lunch will be provided.

This clinic is meant for NISIS junior members. Please note that there are only six slots available; slots will be allocated on the basis of factors such as need and available expertise.

The deadline for application is extended to 17 September 2020, 9.00 hours (CET) via our website. With your application we ask you to submit the chapter/paper you’d like to discuss; a (full) draft version is fine. You’ll receive an e-mail to inform you whether you’re placed in the clinic. If that is the case, please send your revised chapter/paper (if applicable) to before Friday 25 September 2020, 9.00 AM (CET). We’ll then distribute it to the other participants.


For this NISIS activity you can receive 2 ECTS (in total) for:

  • your attendance in the chapter clinic;
  • a brief presentation of your chapter/paper (<5 min.);
  • reading and providing feedback on the other five chapters/papers.


[1] All Covid-19 regulations will be taken into account. If necessary, we will take extra precautions.