Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies


15 October 2021
13:00 - 17:00
Utrecht University


Unfortunately, this event was canceled.


On the 15th of October Research Schools NISIS and NOSTER will organize a joint Workshop day for RMA and PhD students. After a plenary session with a keynote by dr. Martijn de Koning (Radboud University), you can choose from two workshops that will focus on communicating your research to different audiences and the skills you can use to do so.

Keynote lecture by dr. Martijn de Koning (RU)

“How will people see me?” – Dutch Muslims responding to the imagination of risk and Islam in Dutch policies and media and the construction of a regime of surveillance

O’Malley (2016: 86): “If it can be imagined, it must be governed.”

In this lecture I explore the construction of the figure of The Muslim through policies and media and the responses by Dutch Muslims. After a brief discussion about representation and the racialization of Muslims, I will present three vignettes to highlight different ways in which Muslims are related to danger and being out of place. The first one highlights the normalization of seeing the Muslim male body as a representation of a concrete danger, the second pertains the Muslim female body as a representation of unwillingness to become and the third shows the erasure of particular representations. Together, I suggest, these vignettes show how Muslims are interpellated as on ontological risk for Dutch society. Based upon my informal conversations, interviews and observations I will then outline the different types of responses to these imaginations and argue that they construct a regime of surveillance among Muslims.


  • How to survive religious illiteracy – EN/NL
    Journalists can be benevolent, but they might also try to trick you into making controversial statements. Taking on the role of interviewer, dr. Frank Bosman (TiU/TST) will test your capacity to keep control over a conversation and to respond to religious illiteracy.
  • Hoe schrijf ik een goed abstract? – NL
    How do you write the perfect abstract for a conference? And how can you ensure that your paper is selected? In this workshop, led by dr. Mònica Colominas Aparicio (RUG), you will learn more about the qualities of a good abstract. Based on your own previously prepared abstract, the workshop will help you craft an improved version, while discussing common pitfalls and mistakes.
  • Defending your dissertation – EN/NL
  • Opiniestuk schrijven – NL


Participants will receive 0.5 ECT for participation. The deadline for registration is 4 October 2021. Please register for the Workshop Day here or by sending an e-mail to

Limited travel funds are available for NISIS members. For details, please contact the NISIS front office via

The workshop will follow current COVID-19 regulations in higher education for students and will therefore take place without the 1.5 meter social distancing rule inside the classrooms.