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NWO Synergy Award 2022

Calling all PhDs in the Social Sciences and the Humanities: are you ready to make an impact on society?


Scientific impact matters

Young researchers often are at the forefront of scientific innovation, but don’t always have the time, network or financial means to translate those innovative insights into societal impact. NWO offers a helping hand. Each year, NWO hands out the Synergy Award for the most enticing, daring or compelling societal impact idea in the Social Sciences and the Humanities. Are you a PhD-candidate, or have you recently attained your PhD degree? And do you think your research can positively impact society? Then sign up before November 5th!


“Synergy ’21 was both super exciting and nerve-wracking”

Lara Solms (University of Amsterdam) participated in the previous Synergy Award and won the finals with her Phd Unplugged podcast. Her podcast discusses common challenges that PhD students face. In this way, she hopes to raise awareness for the well-being of PhD students and create a sense of community among PhD students of all disciplines. ”It’s a great opportunity to bring your research to the real world. Participating in the competition definitely boosted my passion for bridging the gap between science and practice. Without Synergy ’21, our coaching podcast PhD Unplugged would not be here”.


About the Award

With the Synergy Award, NWO offers PhD candidates a head start in employing their research ideas for a better society. Four candidates will be offered the opportunity to further enhance their communicative skills during an intensive workshop. The four candidates will then pitch their idea during Synergy ’22, on February 3th 2022. Both a jury and the public will vote for the most enticing and impressive idea. The winner will receive a prize of €2.500 and will get the opportunity to present their progress during Synergy ‘23.


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