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Registration form NISIS Study Day “Islamic Philosophy?”, 12 April 2024

What is specifically Islamic about Islamic philosophy? The discipline of philosophy (Arabic: falsafa) finds its roots in ancient Greece and deals with topics that, if not universally relevant, are at least not specifically tied to Islamic tradition. So what is it that makes philosophy stand out as being Islamic? Is this related to the philosophers in…

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NISIS Study Day “Islamic Philosophy?” 12 April 2024

NISIS Study Day “Islamic Philosophy?”, Radboud University, Nijmegen, April 2024 Please click here to register for this event. As Western faculties strive to diversify their curricula to combat its historically Eurocentric focus, interest for non-Western philosophical traditions has been on the rise. One of the beneficiaries of this trend has been Islamic philosophy. Supporting this…

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Monthly Online Seminars for NISIS Junior Members

  The NISIS Junior Council invites all Junior Members to join our monthly seminar which will be held online on the last Monday of each month at 3.30pm. This seminar is meant as a way to keep in contact, discuss any problems that we face as PhD’s and specifically PhD’s in Islamic studies (in the…

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Midyear Meeting – NOSTER/ NISIS event

Midyear Meeting 2 February 2024 Halfway through the year, the Midyear Meeting focuses on career perspectives, both within and outside academia. As academic communities of emerging and senior scholars, NOSTER and NISIS offer a valuable platform to plan and promote your (academic) career. This year’s meeting focuses on possible careers outside of academia. Three speakers…

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