Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies


Defense Andrei Tirtan

On June 30, Andrei Tirtan will defend his dissertation “Contrasting visions and purposes of Muslim unity: Pan-Islamism(s) and Muslim political activism in Interwar Europe.” The defense will start at 14.00 and will take place online. For more information, please click here.

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Tunisia, 2011 ©ZOO Project, Bilal Berreni / Photograph: Elissa Jobson

Program ENIS/MIDA Summer School

The ENIS/MIDA Summer School starts in less than two weeks! The full program is now available here. Keynote lectures will be given by Marjo Buitelaar (University of Groningen), Suad Joseph (University of California, Davis), Hilary Kalmbach (University of Sussex), Siobhan Lambert-Hurley (University of Sheffield), Arshad Muradin(Leiden University) and Muhammad Qasim Zaman (Princeton University). Furthermore, there will be a masterclass by Albrecht Fuess (Philipps-Universität Marburg) and Gerard Wiegers (University of Amsterdam): “What is Islam?” Definitions and…

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NISIS Masterclass #1: “Interdisciplinarity in the Study of Islam and of Islamic History”

On July 7, the first session of the NISIS Masterclass “The Past and Future of Islamic Studies” will take place. The theme for this session is “Interdisciplinarity in the Study of Islam and of Islamic History” and the speakers are dr. Edmund Hayes, prof. Aaron Hughes and prof. Christian Lange.  Please note that registration is…

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NISIS Masterclass Series: The Past and Future of Islamic Studies

This summer, the NISIS Masterclass Series “The Past and Future of Islamic Studies” will start. As of now, you can register for the Masterclass by getting in touch with the NISIS Junior Council. In this series of masterclasses, convened by the NISIS Junior Council, we examine and interrogate the changing scholarly landscape in Islamic and…

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